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How to run myCNC software on MAC.

(last edited 2011-12-05)

Notice: Method described below is not the only and obviously is not the best. But in our opinion it's easiest way to start myCNC software on MAC.
If you have any idea how to do it better, please share with us.
Regards, the bevelcutting.com admin

Qt library should be downloaded and installed on your Mac to run myCNC software. The library can be found on the Nokia website-
http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/qt-for-op ... n-mac-os-x

One of packages -
http://get.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/qt-ma ... -4.7.4.dmg
http://get.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/qt-ma ... g-libs.dmg

Installation procedure for myCNC is described below-

  1. Download myCNC software (Linux & MAC version) from the website.

    installation myCNC on MAC OS
  2. Click Downloads folder. Select and click on the downloaded file (myCNC-1.52-2011-0523.tar) to extract files from "tar" container.
    Files will be extracted into "myCNC" folder in "Downloads"

    Extracting files form TAR container
  3. Open Terminal window.
    Change current folder to Downloads/myCNC. To do it type command:

    cd   ./Downloads/myCNC

    then run myCNC start script. Type command:


    running myCNC start script
  4. myCNC software will start. Hide terminal window (do not close it!) and use myCNC control software under Apple MAC

    close terminal window



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