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HowTo update firmware on CNC controllers myCNC-ET1 (revision2)

Currently reflash utility is available for Linux and Windows.

For Linux: ftdi_sio module should be active on the system for USB-to-serial converter FT232, installed on the board.

For Windows: FT232RL USB to serial converter drivers should be installed on the system. You can find the driversin myCNC sosftware ditributive package or download it directly from FTDI web site (try to Google "ftdi chip ft232")

  To update firmware:

  1. Host PC should be connected to the Internet.
  2. Download firmware burner utility:
    For Linux: burner-mycnc-et1.tar.gz
    For Windows: burner-mycnc-et1-win.zip
  3. Extract file from archive -

    for Linux - tar.gz archive; use command
    tar zxf burner-mycnc-et1.tar.gz

    for Windows - zip archive. Use internal Windows tools (assigned with right mouse button)
    to extract the files.
  4. Power up the board (+24V DC power supply) and connect with Host PC via USB.
  5. Close Jumpers J1 (Reset) & J2 on the board.

  6. Run the utility.

    burner-mycnc-et1.exe utility is recommended for Host PC operated by MS Windows;
    burner-mycnc-et1 utility is recommended for Host PC operated by Linux or Mac OSX;

    If you see message "Synchronizing (ESC to abort)......",  then you have about 5 seconds to open J1 jumper.
    Reflash process should start.
    After the process is finished you may open  J2 jumper and restart (power off, wait 2 seconds, power on) the board.



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