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Q: Do myCNC controllers work with popular CNC softwares like Mach3?
A: Mach3 doesn't support myCNC controllers. myCNC controllers work with our myCNC control software. The software is free of licence fee and you can try it before you choose to buy myCNC products. If some CNC software company likes to include support of myCNC controlls, we will be glad to cooperation and ready to open interface specifications.
myCNC control software uses as input DNC files (G-codes and ESSI-codes) which is similar to Mach3, EMC2, Fanuc or other CNC control systems.



Q:Are the outputs from the board to stepper 5v? i.e. do I need 2k resistors in series if 24v?
A: Yes, PULSE/DIR outputs are 5V, compatible with RS485/RS422 (differential line driver DS34C87 is used as a booster).  





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