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Q: How PLC works?

A: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a virtual machine, that has access to all peripherals of myCNC control
board. Micro program can be loaded into the PLC from internal flash memory. Most of PLC micro-programs are
assosiated with Miscellaneous M-functions. PLC procedure can be called directly from NC-program by running
selected M-function or from the myCNC GUI. Calling PLC function can be assigned to any event (press, release, toggle)
of on-screen button of the GUI.

While running PLC procedure from NC-code there are two possible modes - synchronous and asynchronous-

  • In synchronous mode myCNC Motion controller calls PLC procedure and wait till the procedure is finished; then continue motion program;
  • In asynchronous mode Motion program and PLC procedure are running simultaneously.

There are inter-process messages from PLC to the Motion controller. By using theis messages it's possible to skip running current motion-line,
soft-stop, abort running motion program.


Q: I have configured motor driver as 1600 pulses per revolution. When the motor turn  360°,
here is 1,25 mm movement. How to configure myCNC software

A: Go to the myCNC software folder and find current profile folder in "profiles". For example for "mill4x" profile
find a folder "profiles/mill4x". Find there configuration file "cnc-config.xml". Items in the configuration file listed
below are responsible for motor driver configuration-
        "cnc-dimension-linear-step" ratio for linear axes (X,Y,Z)                           
        "cnc-dimension-angular-step" ratio for angular axes (A, B, C)

For your case-
1600 pulses = 1,25 mm , then
1 pulse = 1,25 mm / 1600 = 0.00078125

This value should be set as cnc-dimension-linear-step:

 <value name="cnc-dimension-linear-step">0.0078125</value>                                            

It's possible to edit the file as text file, or you can use any of xml-editors.

If you have different gears for each axis, then additional ratio can be used:
       "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-0" (axis x)
       "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-1" (axis y)
       "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-2" (axis z)
       "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-3" (axis a)
       "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-4" (axis b)
       "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-5" (axis c)

Full ratio for each axis will be calculated as:

"cnc-dimension-linear-step" * "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-0" for X
"cnc-dimension-linear-step" * "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-1" for Y
"cnc-dimension-linear-step" * "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-2" for Z
"cnc-dimension-angular-step" * "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-3" for A
"cnc-dimension-angular-step" * "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-4" for B
"cnc-dimension-angular-step" * "cnc-dimension-e-gears-ratio-5" for C

Q: When I run myCNC software I see a message "Traffic problem"

A: First question is - you need to run software in simulator mode or you need to work with myCNC control board?

Goto myCNC folder and check a running script myCNC.sh (for Linux systems) or batch file myCNC.bat for Windows system.
Find there line with running myCNCcore software. Core software should be run with -

  • "-s" option for simulator mode;
    for Windows:
    start /b bin\myCNCcore.exe   -s
    for Linux
    ./myCNCcore  -d  -s  &
  • "-e" option for Ethernet controller myCNC-ET1, myCNC-ET2;
    for Windows:
    start /b bin\myCNCcore.exe   -e
    for Linux
    ./myCNCcore  -d  -e  &
  • "-u" option for USB controller myCNC-UP3;
    for Windows:
    start /b bin\myCNCcore.exe   -u
    for Linux
    ./myCNCcore  -d  -u  &

For simulator mode the problem should be solved after correct configuration. If you have this message while working
with myCNC control boards, then here is problem with myCNC board connection to the Host PC, or connection settings is not configured.

For USB control board check FTDI drivers loaded.

For Ethernet control board check Network settings.



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