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Automatic homing procedure.

Automatic Homing procedure is implemented via macro-layer with used-defined miscellaneous function M131 - M138 (can be redefined flexible).
Homing procedure is available from DNC program by using codes mentioned above as well as from GUI by pressing Auto-Homing on-screen button-

Autiomatic homing buttons

The button is connected to the same M131-M138 miscellaneous function through configuration file cnc-config.xml

Listing for Automatic Homing Procedure for X axis -


(Procedure for Zeroing - find zero-sensor in given axis and)                                           
(set machine coordinate to given position)                                                             
(given position is placed in Parameters #5451...#5459 )                                                
(#5451 - x)                                                                                            
(#5452 - y)                                                                                            
(#5453 - z)                                                                                            
(#5454 - a)                                                                                            
(#5455 - b)                                                                                            
(#5456 - c)                                                                                            
N01 G91 G38.2 X-5000. F200    (move tool up with given speed till probe sensor is pressed)           
N02 G91 G38.4 X500. F20          (move tool down with lower speed till probe sensor is resleaed)        
N10 G90 G10 L70 P0 X#5451    (set machine z position as given)                                      


While running procedure tool moves toward homing sensor with given speed till the sensor is pressed;
Then with lower speed tool moves back till the senosr is released;
Tool stops;
Current Position is programmed as "After Homing" value, stored in Registers #5451...#5459.

Initial values of Registers can be programmed in "cnc-config.xml" file or "cnc-variables.xml" file. If "cnc-variables.xml" is choosen, Initial values canm be changed from myCNC software GUI ion Cobfiguration dialogs.



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