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We released new preview version of Pendant software for Android based tablets/smartphones.

Android-based tablet connected to local network though Wifi and uses TCP-IP Server interface
provided by myCNC  main control software. We implemented endless and step jogging, jog
speed regulation, play, pause, restart nc-program running, upload g-codes program to Host PC
machine, reset work coordinates, run homing procedure, configuration for 2,3,4,5 or 6 axes
jogging buttons.



We've got working preliminary version of Pendant control software for Android OS. Any Android based tablet or smartphone can be transformed to Pendant contol for myCNC based machine.
The Pendant communicates with myCNC control through Server interface.

To do list for Pendant control software:

  • Jogging;
  • Variable speed for jogging;
  • Uploading g-code programs into myCNC;
  • Start, stop, move back to tool-path features;
  • Homing buttons;
  • Set/Reset machine & work coordinates;
  • DRO for machine & work coordinates;




We are considering to provide sources of the software as example of interface with myCNC Server.


Tangential knife & mill router CNC machine made by our collegues from Belgium.


We have implemented Computer Vision in myCNC. The software works with USB and Ethernet IP cameras.
Control system automatically detects marker dots position and apply offset/rotation for G-code path.

At the moment Computer vision implemented under Linux OS only. We are working on Windows, Android & Embedded Linux ports as well.




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