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Firmware for Servo driver myServo-A01 was updated to have manual jog mode through serial console. Host PC connected to myServo driver through USB serial connection. In Jog mode there are available setup Speed and Acceleration, Jog +, Jog - , Stop commands.



Test stand

  • Asus Netbook MT101 with Touch Screen;
  • myCNC-UP3 control board;
  • 3x myServo-A01;
  • 3x Servo BLDC motors 400W SHM60-403026ENL
  • A lot of garbage around Smile (sorry for this)



We started forum for support myCNC products. If you have questions concerning myCNC controllers and software, you may ask it there.

Address of forum - http://www.justcnc.com/forum/



We've added fixed step jogging for precise positioning in myCNC control software. Step for jogging may be selected as 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1 mm/inch or can be flexibly given with L-param

myCNC - DNC control softwrae

The mode is under testing and will be available in the next version.


We have implemented NURBS (Non uniformed rational B-spline) in myCNC software and myCNC controllers.

It worked now in test mode. G-codes G5.2 & G5.3 describe NURBS control points. myCNC control software decomposes NURBS to bezier spline curves and sends it to myCNC controller. Complete 3D spline interpolation iterration inside myCNC controller takes about 30us. With 80us of processing time it's about 40% of CPU time which is reliable for stable work.

We have tested NURBS with Butterfly sample from EMC2.

NURBS implementation in myCNC

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