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myCNC software version 1.72 coming soon. G17,G18,G19 codes are implemented.

G17,G18,G19 codes implemented in myCNC control


nc codes sample is listed below:

G2 X400 R200                                                                                                     
X0 R200                                                                                                          
X400 R200                                                                                                        
X0 R200                                                                                                          
X200 Z200 R200                                                                                                   
Z-200 R200                                                                                                       
Z200 R200                                                                                                        




This is our 3 axes mill machine based on myCNC (myCNC-ET1 LAN CNC controller, myCNC software, 4x myServo-A01 servo drivers).
NC program was written by manual so tool path is far away from optimal. Cutting speed is 1m/min. Spindle speed is 24000rpm.





Surface measure procedure were repeated a few times to check stabilityof measures.


The first cut of aluminium on our mill machine prototype.



We've made new screen design, optimized for big 17" touch screen display
for our new 3x mill machine.

Screen design for big 17 inch touch screen


Firmware for Servo driver myServo-A01 was updated to have manual jog mode through serial console. Host PC connected to myServo driver through USB serial connection. In Jog mode there are available setup for Speed and Acceleration, Jog +, Jog - , Stop commands.


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