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For the last release of myCNC software (version 1.79) we have fixed Constant velocity mode and tested it on "rose" program.

Cutting time was reduced from 48 minutes to 22,5 minutes with Constant velocity mode (Acceleration is 5m/s2; feed is 7m/min; CV tolerance is 0,05mm)

CNC control software rose cutting


CNC control rose cutting sample


 CNC control rose cutting sample #2


Computer vision support for myCNC is under developing.


We added camera support and started work on CNC computer vision system for myCNC.

At the moment It's supported for Linux version only.

CNC Computer vision


AS Technology - our collegues from Poland use CNC controller myCNC-ET1 for new plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine.

CNC plasma cutting machine


CNC control for plasma cutting machine


On a photo small 3x mill machine based on 9" tourch screen panel PC, myCNC-ET2 control board, and stepper motors.

mini mill based on myCNC-ET2


We are developing MPG board. We discuss 3 possible versions of MPG - 2 of them with wired connection to Host PC and one wireless:

  • RS485 connection to Host PC with Modbus protocoll;
  • USB wired connection to Host;
  • Wireless connection through ZigBee;

    The MPG board (top & bottom sides) with myCNC-ET1 controller is shown on a pictures

MPG board
MPG board - bottom side
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