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myCNC software converts DXF files to G-codes program. Layer "dots" is automatically converted to Computer vision system commands.
Machine goes along markers, detects real markers position and automatically fixes offset, distorsion and rotation of g-codes according Computer Vision measures.




myCNC vision system (Digital registration system).

We added some vision system features to myCNC.
Reference image can be defined for Vision system. If pattern is defined, Vision systemsearches it in the ROI (Region of interes) area and detect position relative to the ROI center.
The data is used to calculate offset androtation angle and adjust toolpath accordingly.



Stand alone CNC control kit based on 7" touch screen LCD, cubieboard2 computer (2 Core 1GHz ARM CPU, 1G RAM, 4G Nand flash, USB, Ethernet) and any of myCNC Ethernet control board (ET1, ET3, ET4, ET5) is available for preorder. Price for stand alone kit starts from $499.

PC7+ET3 (7" touch screen computer with installed myCNC, myCNC-ET3 control board) - $599 ($499 for 10+)

PC7+ET3BB (7" touch screen computer with installed myCNC, myCNC-ET3 control board, terminal blocks set) - $629 ($524 for 10+)

PC7+ET1 (7" touch screen computer with installed myCNC, myCNC-ET1 control board) - $949 ($729 for 10+)



7PC under testing. 8 hours working time.






CNC control kit based on mini computer Cubiboard2, 7" LCD with touch screen
and one of myCNC Ethernet control bords (ET1, ET3, ET4, ET5) is under developing.
We have ported myCNC software to Cubieboard2 (1GHz 2x ARM Core CPU, 1G RAM,
4G Nand flash).

A complete CNC control package (7" LCD with touch screen, miniPC board with installed
myCNC software and myCNC Ethernet CNC control board) going to be very budget solution
started from as low as $549 (for ET3 CNC control board included).



 5 axes true visualization demo in myCNC





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