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myServo-A01-r3 Brushless DC/AC servo motor driver

 myServo-A01 driver for BLDC motor

myServo-A01 driver (control board and myServo-A01 with enclosure).


myServo-A01 driver can be used with brushless DC (BLDC) servo motors with encoder & Hall sensors as a feedback.

Servo drivers works in position mode with PULSE/DIR as inputs. myServo-A01 can be connected directly to the myCNC-XXX controllers.

myServo-A01 drives motors with power range 200-1200W

Manual Jog mode, PID controller configuration, real-time diagnostic available over USB serial connection.



myServo-A01 technical specification.

 Electrical characteristics

Power supply


Motor power inverter


15-24V DC, 0.2 Amps

220V AC / 3x 220V AC

Maximum output current 6 Amps
Maximum motor Power
1200 W
 myServo control parameters

Number of axes


Sinusoidal commutation motor control
(Space vector modulation)


PID regulator tuning over RS485, USB or LAN Ethernet

Motion control input

Precompiled motion commands

input driver (for PULSE/DIR signals)

differential line driver (meet RS422/485 standard)
Maximum pulse frequency
1 400 000 pps (1.4 million pulses per second)
Encoder resolution (for Fulling motorSMH60/SMH80 motors)
10 000 pulses per rotation by default,can beconfigured by user.
Electronic gears
RS485 port
Number of optoisolated general purpose inputs (limit sensors, start/stop motion etc)
Internal flash memory Motion programs 1M bytes (*)

Integrated Motion Controller

 Yes (*)
Type of interpolation support Linear (*), Circular
Communication channells LAN (Ethernet), RS485, USB


32-bit ARM Cortext-M3 100MHz



CNC plasma cutting machine enclosure with installed myServo-A01 drivers

 CNC plasma cutting machine enclosure with installed 3x myServo-A01 servo drivers.


mill router enclosure with myServo-A01 drivers

CNC Mill router enclosure with installed 4x myServo-A01 drivers.




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