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Ethernet/USB/RS485 CNC control board myCNC-ET2-STEP with integrated 3 channel
stepper driver (48V, 4Amps)


 myCNC-ET2 Ethernet CNC controller


myCNC-ET2 controller board with cooler


MyCNC-ET2-STEP «All-in-One» CNC Controller / Motion Controller /
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) / 3 channel stepper motor driver.

myCNC-ET2-STEP Controller board based on 100MHz 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 Processor
and Altera FPGA logic.

Controller contains:

  • Motion controller with true multi-axes line, arc, spiral, spline interpolators, (NURBS
    interpolator in developing);
  • Programmable Logic Conroller (8 inputs, 6 relay outputs, 3 Power PWM outputs);
  • 3 channel stepper motor driver (bipolar driver,48V, 4Amps, suits for 4-,6-
    and 8-wired stepper motors)
  • An interpreter for G-codes (the RS-274 machine tool programming language);
  • Hardware layer for User interface (9-key membrane keyboard)

myCNC-ET2-STEP technical parameters.

 Electrical characteristics
 Power supply (USB CNC controller)  12-24V DC, 0.5-6Amps (depend on using Power PWM and type of stepper motors)
 CNC controller parameters

Number of axes


Number of motor supported


 Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Yes

Number of PLC relay outputs


Number of opto-isolated PLC inputs,

Number Power PWM outputs (24V/3A) 3
DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) output 0-10Vfor spindle speed control
RS485 port
USB slave
Membrane keyboardyes, 9 keys
Internal flash memory for G-code program  2M bytes (up to 8M bytes)

Integrated Motion Controller


Processing time(Calculation speed), us



32-bit ARM Cortext-M3 100MHz

Connection with PC

 Ethernet, RS485, USB
 Stand alone mode
Yes (1MBytes buffer for motion program)


Usually ET2 CNC controller works with myCNC control software.


The last firmware version for myCNC-ET2-STEP controller support stan alone mode. In this mode motion program can be uploaded into the controller board flash memoty. Then controller runs the program without PC Host. Howewer host PC computer may connect to the controller board via Ethernet interface for real-time to diagnose or watch for running process.


Typical application for myCNC-ET2 controller is entry-level cheap 2D/3D CNC machines with stepper motprs up to 4Amps








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