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Polar coordinates command.


A value of the end point coordinate can be set in polar coordinates (radius and angle).
The positive sign of the angle is counterclockwise of the selected plane, and the negativ sign of the angis is clockwise.
Both radius and angle can be commanded in either absolute or incremental command (G90, G91).

Polar coordinates is turned ON by G16 command
Polar coordinates is turned OFF by G15 command

Whille polar coordinates are active:

  • for G17 (XY plane) - the Radius value is programed as X value, the Angle value is programmed as Y value;
  • for G18 (XZ plane) - the Radius value is programed as X value, the Angle value is programmed as Z value;
  • for G19 (YZ plane) - the Radius value is programed as Y value, the Angle value is programmed as Z value;
The nc code sample, which uses Polar coordinates command is shown below:

 Polar coordinates command sample

(Polar coordinates command sample)
G90 (absolute) G21 (metric)                                                                                             
#10=60 (number of rays)                                                                                                 
#11=[180/#10] (angle increment)                                                                                         
#20=0  (start ray length)                                                                                               
#40=50 (basic length)                                                                                                   
G16 (polar mode on)                                                                                                     
M98 P100 L#10                                                                                                           
G15 (polar mode off)                                                                                                    
G1X#30Y#20 (draw ray)                                                                                                   
#20=[#20+#11] (next angle)                                                                                              



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