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myCNC - CNC control software intended to be universal control for many types of application (CNC routers, mill, engraving,
cutting tables, lathe etc).










Main features:

  • True Multi-platform solution.
    At the moment available versions for x86 Linux, Embedded Linux (Raspberry Pi), MS Windows, Mac OS systems (testing), Google Android (testing).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) including Touch Screen version;
  • Advanced G-codes interpreter with parametric programming features, macros support;
  • HMI with 2D/3D/6D visualization (Visualization of linear axes XYZ and rotational axes ABC), zooming/scrolling/rotation features;
  • True multi-tasking. Working in Shapes Library or NC Graphic editor is available simlultaneously with machine operation;
  • True simultaneous 6 axes interpolation (linear, arc, helical, spline);
  • Flexible controller peripherals control (binary inputs, relay outputs, DAC output, PWM power outputs, ADC inputs) through integrated
    PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Diagnose dialog;
  • Integrated Torch height control (THC) and Initial Height control (IHC) for plasma, laser and other types of applications implemented through PLC microprograms;
  • Automatic Toolchange (ATC) support;
  • Computer Vision support (automatic detection of markers and tool-path rotation/offset alignment) (**);
  • Multi-head support;
  • Pendant MPG support;
  • Wireless pendant based on Android Tablet (Android myPendant control software is available for download on our website(;
  • Wireless pendant based on Gamepad;
  • TCP-IP Server interface features for third-party software;
  • Working with myCNC USB & Ethernet controllers;
  • Flexible screen design through rich XML-based configuration system;
  • Shape Library with row and column nesting features;
  • Stand alone mode support - working myCNC control without PC connection;
  • Internal G-codes editor with 2D/3D visualization;
  • DXF and HPGL CAD files import;
  • DXF and HPGL export to G-codes (*);
  • Forward and Backward running mode, step running mode;
  • Complete network support;
  • Easy restart anywhere along the program.
  • Full reverse along cut.
  • Flexible rotate, zoom and mirror transformations;
  • On the fly Feed rate override 20-125%
  • Real time monitoring of tool position and speed, all the peripherals, DNC-listing with current position;
  • Job interrupt and return back to tool-path, permits move off to replace consumables, with return.
  • The control software incorparates a number of plasma torch height control (THC) options including
    Arc Voltage reference value, THC Hi/Lo percentage, THC turn on delay, THC pi-control settings etc.
  • Plate Alignment (for heavy plate plasma/gas cutting applications);
  • Log features: completed DNC-programmes list with running and motion time, cut length, number of pierces;
  • Tool radius (kerf offset) 2D visualization;
  • Look-ahead features with Automatic small hole slowdown;
  • Report features. myCNC software collects and show information about running and cutting time, tool path length, pierces number and others for each DNC program and total info during working day;


myCNC control software is free and available for download, evaluation and
testing on the web-site. 

(*) Features are under developing. New versions come almost every week. Check for updates.
(**) Featuers under beta-testing.



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