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Constant velocity (CV) mode fixed & tested with 3D mill.
2012.06.14 04:29:30

For the last release of myCNC software (version 1.79) we have fixed Constant velocity mode and tested it on "rose" program.

Cutting time was reduced from 48 minutes to 22,5 minutes with Constant velocity mode (Acceleration is 5m/s2; feed is 7m/min; CV tolerance is 0,05mm)

CNC control software rose cutting


CNC control rose cutting sample


 CNC control rose cutting sample #2

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Plasma cutting machine based on myCNC-ET1
2012.05.04 02:52:50

AS Technology - our collegues from Poland use CNC controller myCNC-ET1 for new plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine.

CNC plasma cutting machine


CNC control for plasma cutting machine

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IHC - Initial height control
2012.03.22 13:31:49

In our new plasma cutting table we've implemented IHC system via PLC procedure of myCNC-ET1 controller


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Mill router based on myCNC control from our collegues.
2012.02.17 03:35:10

Our collegues from Belgium (Flander Motion bvba) use myCNC control for their 3 axes mill router.

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myCNC based mill machine demo.
2011.11.21 12:10:58

This is our 3 axes mill machine based on myCNC (myCNC-ET1 LAN CNC controller, myCNC software, 4x myServo-A01 servo drivers).
NC program was written by manual so tool path is far away from optimal. Cutting speed is 1m/min. Spindle speed is 24000rpm.




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Experiments with surface measure and alu cut on our cnc mill prototype.
2011.11.03 11:50:38

Surface measure procedure were repeated a few times to check stabilityof measures.


The first cut of aluminium on our mill machine prototype.


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myPlasma announce.
2011.04.14 13:59:26

myPlasma coming soon.

myPlasma is control system kit to build Plasma Power source, based on chopper IGBT technology (step-down converter). myPlasma kit includes:

  • myPlasma control board - ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller based board, that runs complete control of Plasma Power source
    • 4 channel PWM control;
    • 2 channel Plasma current sensor measure;
    • 2 channel Plasma voltage measure;
    • 5 channel GPIO binary inputs (optoisolated);
    • 6 channels relay outputs;
    • optoisolated RS485 bus channel for connection to CNC machine;
    • USB connector for programming/configuration;
  • Driver boards for power IGBT module with opto-isolation;
  • Relay board;
  • LED indicator board with keys/encoder for Current setup;
  • Closed-Loop Hall-based ultra-fast Current Sensor (made by Honeywell);
  • Power IGBT modules (made by Semicron);
  • Frequency ignition unit (on demand);


myPlasma electronics board kit for Chopper based Plasma Power source

Main features:

  • Soft plasma ignition;
  • Current range from 25A;
  • Tested solution to build power sources for Current - 130, 160, 260, 320 Amps;
  • 400 Amps power source is under developing;
  • Complete integration with myCNC control system;
  • Automatic or Manual gas console compatible;

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New entry-level gas cutting machine based on myCNC-ET2 control board is under testing.
2011.02.05 06:10:58

In previous posts we informed about assembing of our small entry-level gas cutting machine.

Now the machine is under testing and we make fist cuts.

myCNC-ET2 based entry level gas cutting CNC machine

The machine is available for order.

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New version of software CNC control software, new machine under testing and some other news.
2011.01.31 08:12:49

There is 1.42 version of myCNC control software is available on download page.

We are testing new entry-level gas cutting machine, based on myCNC-ET2 control board.



New revision of myCNC-ET1 controller is under testing now.

We have added Stand-Alone working mode into myCNC-ET1 / myCNC-ET2 controllers.Preconpiled motion/PLC program can be uploaded into CNC controller. Each controller have independent flash memory for save motio/PLC programs (1MBytes for ET1/ET2 controllers and 128kbytes for UP3 controller). 13000 lines G-codes program is compiled into 680 kBytes file, which was uploaded into the controller during about 60 sec.

Then control board can run the program in stand alone mode without PC host software.


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We are assembling new CNC gas cutting lightweight machine.
2010.12.23 13:42:48

New lightweight entry-levelCNC machine for metal gas cutting will be available soon.

Control system for the machine is based on myCNC-ET2 controller with integrated stepper drivers.

Short technical specification:

  • Machine size - 1000x1500mm;
  • CNC control - myCNC (electronics and software);
  • Maximum speed 5000mm/min;

cnc gas cutting machine 1000x1500mm


 myCNC electronics for gas cutting machine

 myCNC electronics for gas cutting machine


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New CNC plasma cutting table.
2010.12.23 13:08:29

We are testing new plasma cutting table completely based on myCNC control system.

 cnc plasma cutting table


Touch Panel PC with myCNC software


 The control based on:

  • Industrial Touch Panel PC LPC-1503 (Intel Atom CPU, 1M RAM, 8G Compact Flash SSD, Linux OS);
  • myCNC-6D software - Touch screen configuration;
  • myCNC-ET1 control board (revsion 1) connected via Ethernet with Host Panel PC;
  • Torch height controller based on myTHC-RU01 board (revision 1). THC controller connected with myCNC-ET1 via RS485 bus. Modbus-like protocol is used for boards interconnection. Torch height control system is completely integrated into myCNC system. All THC parameters are available in myCNC control software. User can program/watch Arc voltage reference value, Arc voltage measured value, turn-on delay, Plasma Hi/Lo speed value, PI-controller values etc.
  • Servo drivers myServo-A01 for DC brushless motors (400W motor for axis Y and 750W motor for axis X);


 Cutting table short specification:

  • Size 1500x3000mm;
  • Maximum speed 30000 mm/min;
  • Plasma power source APR150 (150Amps);
  • Plasma torch - CP160;
  • integrated fuming system;




Control system enclosure on a photo below. From left to right there are myTHC-RU01 THC controller, myServo-A01 (revision2) servo drivers for X&Y axes, myCNC-ET1 CNC/Motion/PLC controller.





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