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Plasma cutting machine based on myCNC-ET1
2012.05.04 02:52:50

AS Technology - our collegues from Poland use CNC controller myCNC-ET1 for new plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine.

CNC plasma cutting machine


CNC control for plasma cutting machine

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Manual pulse generator (MPG) for CNC control under developing
2012.04.09 04:02:22

We are developing MPG board. We discuss 3 possible versions of MPG - 2 of them with wired connection to Host PC and one wireless:

  • RS485 connection to Host PC with Modbus protocoll;
  • USB wired connection to Host;
  • Wireless connection through ZigBee;

    The MPG board (top & bottom sides) with myCNC-ET1 controller is shown on a pictures

MPG board
MPG board - bottom side

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Mill router based on myCNC control from our collegues.
2012.02.17 03:35:10

Our collegues from Belgium (Flander Motion bvba) use myCNC control for their 3 axes mill router.

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Automatic gas console implementation through PLC layer of myCNC-ET1 controller.
2011.11.21 12:37:13

Great sample of using built-in PLC controller is implementation of Automatic gas console control for oxyfuel gas metal cutting.
Automatic gas controle may work under myCNC control software control or as independent unit managed through serial RS485
comminication (Modbus ascii protocol). Aitomatic gas controle control all oxy cutting technology (automatic ignition, forced preheat,
piercing with smooth oxy cutting growth, cutting, after cut soft flame.

Gases pressure for fuel, preheat and cutting oxygene controlled electronically by 3 PID controllers, integrated in myCNC-ET1.

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We have NURBS implementation in myCNC now.
2011.06.09 06:29:47

We have implemented NURBS (Non uniformed rational B-spline) in myCNC software and myCNC controllers.

It worked now in test mode. G-codes G5.2 & G5.3 describe NURBS control points. myCNC control software decomposes NURBS to bezier spline curves and sends it to myCNC controller. Complete 3D spline interpolation iterration inside myCNC controller takes about 30us. With 80us of processing time it's about 40% of CPU time which is reliable for stable work.

We have tested NURBS with Butterfly sample from EMC2.

NURBS implementation in myCNC

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Documentation updated.
2011.05.20 13:21:46
User manuals for control boards myCNC-ET1 & myCNC-ET2 are available for download now on Documentation page

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