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new products are coming in new 2011 year.
2011.01.06 10:25:52

We are received add-on Ethernet board for our servo driver. This board and new firmware converts servo driver into one axis motion controller with integrated PLC controller (3 open collector outputs and 4 optoisolated inputs) and 1Mbytes flash memory for motion programs with Etherbnet, RS485 or USB connection with Host.

 myServo addon Ethernet board


myServo motion controller with Ethernet

We are testing new revision of myTHC-RU01 - Torch height controller for plasma cutting applications. New board has more powerful Processing unit onboard (ARM Cortex-M3 100MHz CPU), compact design, optional indicator board (2 3-digits 7-segment indicators and encoder for setup Arc voltage reference value). New firmware has Modbus interface with host controller (via RS485) and may work with myCNC controllers or as indepentent stand-0alone THC controller.

On a photo below both revisions of myTHC-RU01 boards.

myTHC torch height controller (both revisions)


 We are testing new revision of myCNC-ET1.




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