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New CNC plasma cutting table.
2010.12.23 13:08:29

We are testing new plasma cutting table completely based on myCNC control system.

 cnc plasma cutting table


Touch Panel PC with myCNC software


 The control based on:

  • Industrial Touch Panel PC LPC-1503 (Intel Atom CPU, 1M RAM, 8G Compact Flash SSD, Linux OS);
  • myCNC-6D software - Touch screen configuration;
  • myCNC-ET1 control board (revsion 1) connected via Ethernet with Host Panel PC;
  • Torch height controller based on myTHC-RU01 board (revision 1). THC controller connected with myCNC-ET1 via RS485 bus. Modbus-like protocol is used for boards interconnection. Torch height control system is completely integrated into myCNC system. All THC parameters are available in myCNC control software. User can program/watch Arc voltage reference value, Arc voltage measured value, turn-on delay, Plasma Hi/Lo speed value, PI-controller values etc.
  • Servo drivers myServo-A01 for DC brushless motors (400W motor for axis Y and 750W motor for axis X);


 Cutting table short specification:

  • Size 1500x3000mm;
  • Maximum speed 30000 mm/min;
  • Plasma power source APR150 (150Amps);
  • Plasma torch - CP160;
  • integrated fuming system;




Control system enclosure on a photo below. From left to right there are myTHC-RU01 THC controller, myServo-A01 (revision2) servo drivers for X&Y axes, myCNC-ET1 CNC/Motion/PLC controller.





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