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myPlasma announce.
2011.04.14 13:59:26

myPlasma coming soon.

myPlasma is control system kit to build Plasma Power source, based on chopper IGBT technology (step-down converter). myPlasma kit includes:

  • myPlasma control board - ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller based board, that runs complete control of Plasma Power source
    • 4 channel PWM control;
    • 2 channel Plasma current sensor measure;
    • 2 channel Plasma voltage measure;
    • 5 channel GPIO binary inputs (optoisolated);
    • 6 channels relay outputs;
    • optoisolated RS485 bus channel for connection to CNC machine;
    • USB connector for programming/configuration;
  • Driver boards for power IGBT module with opto-isolation;
  • Relay board;
  • LED indicator board with keys/encoder for Current setup;
  • Closed-Loop Hall-based ultra-fast Current Sensor (made by Honeywell);
  • Power IGBT modules (made by Semicron);
  • Frequency ignition unit (on demand);


myPlasma electronics board kit for Chopper based Plasma Power source

Main features:

  • Soft plasma ignition;
  • Current range from 25A;
  • Tested solution to build power sources for Current - 130, 160, 260, 320 Amps;
  • 400 Amps power source is under developing;
  • Complete integration with myCNC control system;
  • Automatic or Manual gas console compatible;

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