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new products are coming in new 2011 year.
2011.01.06 10:25:52

We are received add-on Ethernet board for our servo driver. This board and new firmware converts servo driver into one axis motion controller with integrated PLC controller (3 open collector outputs and 4 optoisolated inputs) and 1Mbytes flash memory for motion programs with Etherbnet, RS485 or USB connection with Host.

 myServo addon Ethernet board


myServo motion controller with Ethernet

We are testing new revision of myTHC-RU01 - Torch height controller for plasma cutting applications. New board has more powerful Processing unit onboard (ARM Cortex-M3 100MHz CPU), compact design, optional indicator board (2 3-digits 7-segment indicators and encoder for setup Arc voltage reference value). New firmware has Modbus interface with host controller (via RS485) and may work with myCNC controllers or as indepentent stand-0alone THC controller.

On a photo below both revisions of myTHC-RU01 boards.

myTHC torch height controller (both revisions)


 We are testing new revision of myCNC-ET1.




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We are closed till January 11, 2011
2011.01.06 10:14:23

We are closed till Janyary 11, 2011


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We are assembling new CNC gas cutting lightweight machine.
2010.12.23 13:42:48

New lightweight entry-levelCNC machine for metal gas cutting will be available soon.

Control system for the machine is based on myCNC-ET2 controller with integrated stepper drivers.

Short technical specification:

  • Machine size - 1000x1500mm;
  • CNC control - myCNC (electronics and software);
  • Maximum speed 5000mm/min;

cnc gas cutting machine 1000x1500mm


 myCNC electronics for gas cutting machine

 myCNC electronics for gas cutting machine


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New CNC plasma cutting table.
2010.12.23 13:08:29

We are testing new plasma cutting table completely based on myCNC control system.

 cnc plasma cutting table


Touch Panel PC with myCNC software


 The control based on:

  • Industrial Touch Panel PC LPC-1503 (Intel Atom CPU, 1M RAM, 8G Compact Flash SSD, Linux OS);
  • myCNC-6D software - Touch screen configuration;
  • myCNC-ET1 control board (revsion 1) connected via Ethernet with Host Panel PC;
  • Torch height controller based on myTHC-RU01 board (revision 1). THC controller connected with myCNC-ET1 via RS485 bus. Modbus-like protocol is used for boards interconnection. Torch height control system is completely integrated into myCNC system. All THC parameters are available in myCNC control software. User can program/watch Arc voltage reference value, Arc voltage measured value, turn-on delay, Plasma Hi/Lo speed value, PI-controller values etc.
  • Servo drivers myServo-A01 for DC brushless motors (400W motor for axis Y and 750W motor for axis X);


 Cutting table short specification:

  • Size 1500x3000mm;
  • Maximum speed 30000 mm/min;
  • Plasma power source APR150 (150Amps);
  • Plasma torch - CP160;
  • integrated fuming system;




Control system enclosure on a photo below. From left to right there are myTHC-RU01 THC controller, myServo-A01 (revision2) servo drivers for X&Y axes, myCNC-ET1 CNC/Motion/PLC controller.





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myCNC-6D software. Version 1.38 is available for testing.
2010.12.15 12:18:50

myCNC-6D software Version 1.38 is available for testing.


  • Profile for 2D Plasma cutting table with Torch height control added;
  • Shape Library blanks added;
  • on-screen elements improved for touch screen;
  • some bugs fixed;


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myCNC-ET1, myTHC. New boards are received.
2010.12.10 11:56:29

We have received new revision of myCNC-ET1 and myTHC control boards. Will start assembling the next week.

 myCNC-ET1 board. revision 2


myTHC board. revision 2

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myCNC-ET2. New revision of Ethernet controller is under testing.
2010.12.10 11:32:14

We have assembled new board of myCNC-ET2 controller and start testing.

On photos the board with and without cooler.

myCNC-ET2 Ethernet controller with integrated stepper drivers

myCNC-ET2 Ethernet controller with installed cooler

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myServo-A01. New revision of driver is under testing.
2010.12.10 11:16:09

We are testing now new revision of myServo-A01 driver board. Now it's one-board solution. The board contains USB slave and RS485 port for tuning/programming. Ethernet connection is possible as option (we are waiting for dock-board with Ethernet hardware level. Also the board contains 1 axis motion controller with 1MBytes flash memory for motion program.

In addition the board has 4 General purpose optoisolated inputs and 3 open collector outputs, that can be driven simultaneously with motion program.

 myServo-A01 - AC/DC brushless servo motor driver/controller

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myCNC-6D control software Version 1.37 is available for testing.
2010.11.29 06:00:53

myCNC-6D control software  Version 1.37   is available for demo/testing


  • 6D graphic visualisation of DNC codes (visualisation linear axes XYZ and rotate axes ABC);
    Difference before and after 6D visualisation is shown below.

    DNC sample of SPHERE:

    #100=-31 (asseX)
    #101=0 (asseZ)
    #102=0 (asseA)
    M98 P100L180

    Visualisation before and after -

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myCNC software version 1.36 is available for testing.
2010.11.19 14:39:29


myCNC-6D control software  Version 1.36   is available for demo/testing 


  • Torch Height Control (THC) integration started. Many THC configuration parameters (like reference and measured Arc Voltage, control start delay,  THC jogging speed, torch height manual adjust, height control start/stop/pause) are available on Diagnose Widget.THC internal parameters like (PID controller variables etc) are available via XML configuration file.
  • Operate Widget redesign;
  • A first library shape in the Shape Library is fixed;
  • In the Diagnose widget are added some on-screen elements for control CNC control peripherals (ADC, PWM, DAC etc)

 myCNC-6D Diagnose Widget screenshot


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icq is not available for chat at the moment.
2010.11.16 06:11:10

ICQ blocks alternative software (like Kopete, Nimbuzz etc). As a result our ICQ account is disabled. Please use Jabber/Google Talk to online chat with us.

We are available about 10 hours a day on " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " and " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our ICQ account 616636576 is available again. 


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New revision of Ethernet CNC controller myCNC-ET2
2010.11.15 13:04:35

We have received new revision of PCB for myCNC-ET2 Ethernet CNC controller. Some errors are fixed oh the PCB. Power MOSFET transistors are changed for use SMD technology. In addidion new control contains 5-axes motion controller (3 channel stepper motor driver and 2 channel pulse/dir outputs with linear driver)

myCNC-ET2 Ethernet CNC controller (rev.2)

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myCNC-6D software for Apple MAC OS
2010.11.15 09:48:07

We started to port myCNC software to Apple MAC OS. At the moment we have compiled version of myCNC-6D which can be run under MAC in simulator mode. Hope, It will be available for testing soon.

myCNC software port to Apple MAC OS

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first shape is available in the Shape Library
2010.11.10 05:43:11

We have started filling our Shape Library.

First shape in the Shape Library (nyCNC software)

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myCNC software version 1.35 is available for testing.
2010.11.09 13:30:56


myCNC-6D software Version 1.35 is available now. Thanks to Nullsoft software Installation system, we can provide installation package for myCNC.

myCNC-6D software version 1.35 screenshot

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Hello world (Blog is started)
2010.10.28 08:54:06

Hello, world.

In this blog we will put some information about our new products, developing process, new features etc.

If you have some ideas how to improve myCNC products please share with us.

Best regards, admin

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