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Plasma cutting machine made by AS Technology


Fiber laser machine made by FlanderMotion bvba. Torch Height Control (THC) based on myCNC-ET1 demo video.


CNC engraving machine demo made by FlanderMotion bvba


Plasma cutting demo with Initial height control (IHC) and Torch height control (THC) systems working


myCNC control softwrae server features demo. myCNC provides API interface to third-party software. On the video below is shown
sample of connection to myCNC with Telnet utility. Through telnet console it's possible to get information about software/firmware
version, current machine & work coordinates, any CNC variables, upload/run/stop NC program in G- or ESSI codes.

With "?" command user may get list of implemented server commands.


3D wood milling - constant velocity (CV) mode testing


Some video tutorials for myCNC control software usage.


This is our frst 3 axes mill machine based on myCNC (myCNC-ET1 LAN CNC controller, myCNC software, 4x myServo-A01 servo drivers).
NC program was written by manual so tool path is far away from optimal. Cutting speed is 1m/min. Spindle speed is 24000rpm.



There are below bevel cutting videos we made.

 One-pass beveling of 16mm metal plate. External and internal corners with 30 degree bevel angle.

 Two-pass beveling of 16mm metal plate. External and internal corners, X-type with 30 degree X-type bevel angle.

 One-pass beveling of 16mm metal plate with more complicated bevel cut. There are hole with 30 degree bevel angle,
vertilcal cut, 10 and 30 degree bevel, bevel angle change-on-the-fly from 10 to 30 degree.

 One-pass beveling of 50mm metal plate. There are 30 degree A- and V-type bevel cut, vertilcal cut.

 The 50-mm thickness shape and scrap-part after beveling. You can see how it's made. Because of
"bevel corner transition" we have No loops!

 Robotic oxyfuel gas bevel cutting with automatic gas console.



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