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About "Bevel Cutting CNC" and "myCNC" projects.

We are small team of electrical/electronic/embedded software engineers.
We have been developing CNC controllers and software for CNC profile cutting machines
since 1996. Our system is used by one of leaders in Russian market of equipment for metal
cutting and welding.

Several hundreds of machines for plasma and oxyfuel metal sheet cutting use our
CNC control. We have developed complete electronic package for CNC control:

  • PC based CNC control software;
  • 3- or 6-axes Motion controller with integrated advanced interpolator and servodriver/amplifier
    with space vector modulation (sinusoidal voltage generator) for DC brushless synchronous
    or AC asynchronous servomotors;
  • Arc Voltage or capacitory sensor based torch height control system (THC);
  • Initial height control system;
  • Autogas control system for oxyfuel and plasma cutting with fully electronic control
    of gas pressures;
  • Controller for Tripple torch rotating head for oxyfuel bevel cutting;
  • Controller for one torch Bevel Rotator for plasma, oxy-fuel or water jet bevel cutitng. 
  • Operator console controller with simple and easy-to-use keyboard, analogues
    joysticks for XYZ precise movements and LED indicators for monitoring gas pressure,
    plasma arc voltage and current parameters;
  • Intergrated into sowtware TV-camera for watching cutting process (optional);

Our progress in bevel cutting has no analogues in the world (according to official information
which we can find in the web and some trade show).


In 2008  we have started myCNC project.

This project includes

  • Multi axes (up to 8) motion controller and PLC controller integrated in one board with
    USB, Ethernet or RS485 connection to Host PC with HMI (currently myCNC-UP1,
    myCNC-UP2, myCNC-UP3, myCNC-ET1, myCNC-ET2 boards;)
  • HMI - myCNC-6D - CNC control software suitable for CNC cutting tables,
    routers, mill, lathe, engraving and other type of machinery. It's pulti-platform software
    which currently available for MS Windows and Linux (Mac OS and Andrioid ports under developing)
  • Independent RS274 CNC controller (without PC HMI) with reading NC programsfrom USB flash drives;
  • Torch height control for CNC plasma cutting machines;
  • Servo motor controllers / drivers (with closed-loop) for brushless DC / AC servo motors;
  • Stepper motor drivers / controllers;


If you have any question do not hesitate to ask us through contact form or direct email to




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